M.Y. Consulting successfully undertook the Bavarian Business Lecture 1,2020: German NSFAS program helps Chinese companies overcome difficulties

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In the afternoon of April 8, the Bavarian Business Lecture 1,2020 (Phase 9), Sponsored by the Economic and Commercial Section of the Consulate General in Munich, co-organized by the German Chinese Chamber of Commerce and its Munich Branch, and undertaken by Shanghai M.Y. Consulting Co, Ltd. ‘The latest development of the German financial assistance and funding plan for the COVID-19-How Chinese companies can better cope with the COVID-19’, was successfully held in Munich.


Counselor Pei from the Economic and Commercial Office of the Consulate General of Munich first introduced the current status of the German epidemic situation. Thanks to all Chinese-funded enterprises (organizations) for their active contributions to the epidemic prevention work at home and abroad. Remind enterprises to pay attention to protection, strictly abide by local epidemic prevention regulations, perform corporate social responsibilities, establish a good image of Chinese enterprises, do psychological counseling and comfort work for employees, and ensure the health and safety of employees. Counselor Pei said the Joint Chamber of Commerce innovate work styles and hold online lectures, in order to helping companies understand and apply local policies to successfully survive in the crisis.

This lecture was given by Professor Hemmelrath of Hemmelrath Partners Co, Ltd. ; Mr. Konstantin, Managing Director of Hemmelrath Management Consulting Co, Ltd. ; and Ms. Ma Hongxiang, Managing Director of Ma & Associate GmbH (Shanghai M.Y. Consulting Co, Ltd.) provided the translation. The three experts analyzed the fiscal and tax policies of the federal government and Bavaria in response to the COVID-19 crisis from nine aspects: emergency assistance, special projects and fast loans of the German bank for reconstruction and development, start-up enterprise support, economic stability fund, tax support, short-term work allowance, social security fund, and consulting fee subsidy.



During the lecture, the participants actively asked questions and continued to interact. After the meeting, everyone said that the online live broadcast format was novel, saving time and avoiding the gathering of people. The lecture content met the needs of enterprises and benefited greatly.

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