M.Y. Consulting successfully undertook the eighth phase of the Bavarian Business Lecture:The key to enterprise development: leadership

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On December 5th, 2019, the eighth phase of the Bavarian Business Lecture, hosted by the Economic and Commercial Office of the Consulate General in Munich, co-organized by the German Chinese Chamber of Commerce and its Munich branch, and undertaken by Shanghai M.Y. Consulting ‘The key to enterprise development: leadership’ was held in Munich.

This lecture was given by Dr. Barbara Scharrer of GSK Stockmann Law Offices. And Ms. Ma Hongxiang of Shanghai M.Y. Consulting Co, Ltd. as a partner of Dr. Barbara Scharrer provided a translation for this lecture. Mr. Pei Yonggui, the business counselor of the Chinese Consulate General in Munich, Mr. Li Zheng, the assistant of the counselor, and Mr. Zhou Hongtu, the president of the German-Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Vice President Kaiyuan Zhouyou Group attended the event. Participants also included persons in charge of Minshi Group, Maxi Electronics Co, Ltd, Jiumu Kitchen and Bathroom, Zhejiang Haiyan Representative Office in Germany, BMW Group, Feixun Germany, Liqi, Energy Consulting, and HKUST Intelligent Technology.


The participants listen carefully to the speech

First of all, Counselor Pei gave a welcome speech to the participants, and briefly introduced the main content of this lecture, emphasizing the importance of the leadership and management level of corporate leaders for the growth and development of the company. As the last lecture of this year, Counselor Pei thanked everyone for their active participation in the eight lectures, and looked forward to having more companies to join next year.


Counselor Pei of the Chinese Consulate in Munich gives a speech

This lecture is based on many examples. It outlines the leadership trends recently and the secrets of the success of outstanding leaders, and pays special attention to the cultural differences between outstanding leaders of China and Germany.

Dr. Barbara Scharrer, as a well-known domestic German company supervisor, has more than 20 years of practical experience in the field of company strategy and legal consulting, and is also the legal consultant of the well-known law firm GSK Stockmann. In addition, she also serves as a special lecturer in German universities in the fields of China and India, and accomplishes in corporate internationalization strategy, leadership research, corporate compliance, business ethics, etc.


Dr. Barbara Scharrer shares the theoretical research and results of corporate leadership

图片关键词Dr. Barbara Scharrer explains the characteristics of leaders

In the lecture, she introduced the difference between business management and business leadership, discussed the qualities that a good leader should have, cited many vivid and informative cases, and shared the theoretical research and results of business leadership, as well as providing a lot of constructive suggestions.

During the lecture, the participants actively asked questions and continued to interact. After the meeting, they all expressed their great benefits.

Participants asked questions and continued to interact

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