Consultant of M.Y. Consulting was invited to attend the 30th anniversary celebration of Sino-German Law Institute

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On November 8th, the 35th anniversary of the cooperation between Nanjing University and Göttingen University in Germany and the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the Sino-German Law Institute of Nanjing University were held at the Drum Tower campus of Nanda University. Hu Jinbo, Vice Chairman of the Provincial Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, Secretary of the Party Committee of Nanjing University, He Aiye, Vice President of Göttingen University, Sun Xianzhong, member of the Constitutional and Legal Committee of the National People's Congress and member of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Cultural Office and Public Relations Office of the Federal Republic of Germany in Shanghai Supervisor Han Maoliang attended the celebration and delivered a speech. Advisors Ms. Yin and Mr. Du, of M.Y. Consulting, as NTU alumni, were invited to participate in the celebration.




Since 2001, the Sino German Institute of law has been formally included in the framework of "dialogue between countries under the rule of law" of the central governments of the two countries for eight consecutive times. It is a high-end platform for scholars of the two countries to engage in scientific research activities of German law, EU law, Sino German legal comparison and Sino EU legal comparison, and has made important academic contributions to the construction of China's rule of law and the legal and cultural exchanges between China and Germany. In 2007, German Chancellor Angela Merkel visited the Sino German Institute of law and praised it as a "bridge of Sino German legal cultural exchange". In 2016, Chancellor Merkel once again expressed her praise to the Sino German Institute of law in her speech accepting the honorary doctor's degree from Nanjing University.

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